Nurseries-, Kindergarden- and school excursions special package


Admission per child | Fr. 10

Free entrance for the teacher and companions.
The children will have fun jumping, climbing and sliding, but also we have group activities such as: Minidisco dance, crafts, challenges or the laser game (for children over 6 years old).
Take note of our entertainment program.
An (orange) table is available for your group so you can enjoy your own lunch or snacks with the children.

Paradisimo is the best option for your group excursion.


Thanks to our easily accessible location:
You will have easy access with good connections with public transportation.

We offer your group the possibility of the best combination of indoor and nature/outdoor activities. We are lucky to have a beautiful forest area just behind of us, where there is a great area for playing and barbecuing. Take a look at the photos. It is an unforgettable excursion experience with indoor and outdoor activities.

Dank der Verteilung unserer spielerischen Indoor-Spielplatzanlagen:
Thanks to the distribution of our playful indoor playground facilities:
Kids have the best time in a safe, clean and fun environment.
You con sit down and have a full view of the park and can control your group while you relax.

Entertainment activities so you make sure they interact together as a group activity.

Not sure if it will rain on the day you plan your excursion? No problem! With this plan e offer you, you have no risk. In case of rain, your group can just stay indoors and spend a fabulous day with us.


Open every day of the year!

Also on holidays.

Monday – Friday 8.30 – 18.00 Hrs
Saturday – Sunday 10.00 – 18.00 Hrs

We kindly ask you to make the reservation in advance for your group by E-Mail.