Babies 01-12 Months Free
Children from 1 year Fr. 10 / Fr. 9 with VIP-advantage
Children from 2 years Fr. 15 / Fr. 14 with VIP-advantage
From 11 years Fr. 5 
From 14 years and adults Fr. 5 (including a free drink)
Stay & Play* Fr. 16.50
* Stay & Play: children from 7-10 years can play for up to 3 hours in Paradisimo without an adult.
Price includes admission, admission fee and syrup à discretion.


10erAbos10 times admission ticket

Children from 1 year Fr. 72
Children from 2 years Fr. 116
From 11 years and adults Fr. 50
New! STAY & PLAY 10 times admission ticket Fr. 145



Free VIP advantage

Fill out the VIP form and you will immediately receive your VIP card. Each time you show your personal VIP card, you will receive a Fr. 1 discount on the normal price for each child.

Daily free entertainment program.
For children over 6 years old, our laser tag games are included in the admission price and in the birthday offers.



Nurseries-, Kindergarten- and School excursions SPECIAL PACKAGE

Admission fee per child Fr. 10
*Free admission for the teacher and accompanying persons. Mehr Infos Shulausflüge





2 times kids or 3 times baby admission Fr. 30
4 times kids or 6 times baby admission Fr. 60
10 times children admission Fr. 116
10 times baby admission Fr. 72
10 times adult admission Fr. 50
The gift vouchers can be obtained at the reception of Paradisimo or ordered via the Internet.